July 26, 2021

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13+ Survival Gardening Crops To Grow To Live Off Your Garden

Today I am going to talk to you about the Survival Garden. This is a garden designed to meet the majority of your nutritional needs in difficult times, to get you by for weeks or months without access to a grocery store and produce a majority of your food, even when times are good! Imagine being able to rarely make a trip to the grocery store and instead take daily trips to your garden for your sustenance along with your health and happiness! This video focuses on 13+ crops key for the survival garden.

For cold climates watch :
The Easiest, Most Abundant Edible Plants to Grow in a Garden – Gardening in a Cold Climate:

All 300 foods I grew and foraged during my year: http://www.robgreenfield.org/foodfreedomfoods

My year of food documented in photos: https://www.robgreenfield.org/foodfreedomphotos/

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