July 26, 2021

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A Smol Review

We love finding ways we can save on the huge amount of plastic waste in the world and smol has not only got an amazing solution to help with this they also have some really neat packaging keeping things compact and their new cleaning spray tablets are a great space and weight saving idea for camping and campervanning too. 

In this review we will take a look at some of their products and what they are doing as a company to help reduce unnecessary plastic and chemicals so many of the big brands are still using.

Updated: June 2021

A Smol Review

Who are SMOL?

SMOL offer a range of eco friendly cleaning products delivered direct to you at competitive prices, for the past 2 years we have used the dishwasher tablets and laundry capsules which come in a really neat cardboard sleeve posted through the letter box, gone have the days off loose powder everywhere and getting down to that last tablet and have to go to the local superstore. 

How does it work?

You sign up to the website and get your FREE TRIAL, this is where I started out and never looked back. Once signed up you select how often they should deliver, by them working out how many washes you may do a month kind of like a subscription but super flexible. You can move your delivery date at anytime (on some occasions I need it now is a good option) you are not tied in can cancel at any time too.

Why use SMOL?

First of all I have to mention the packaging, not sure if they have won awards for this but they should! It is super slick all recyclable cardboard and even has a child lock on, fits through the letter box so you don’t have to wait in for delivery.

Second they are eco friendly products meaning they avoid using unnecessary chemicals or plastics which can damage our lovely planet, they also love animals and are a bunny safe company.

Third the smell! Honestly I thought when I got them I was like ok eco friendly and affordable they probably smell like frogs but no, they have clearly worked hard to make sure they all smell pleasant.

Lastly when you log in they actually track how much plastic and chemicals you are reducing by using them, a nice touch you can calculate how much you have contributed and it shows you your savings too. This is ours:

A Smol Review

The SMOL Products

A Smol Review


For me using SMOL is a no brainer, not only am I reducing my plastic and chemical usage you can’t beat the convenience of it arriving through the letter box when you need it. They are as good as if not better on price and performance than most supermarket brands and you can try some of the products out on a FREE TRAIL.

A Smol Review