July 26, 2021

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Rainy Day Camping in the Pine Woods Campground – Solo Overnight under DD Tarp – Full Video

Rainy Day Camping in the Pine Woods Campground – Solo Overnight under DD Tarp – Full Video

I went camping on a rainy summer day. I love camping on a rainy day, and it heals my heart. I rested on a quiet pine forest camping site, listening to the rain and eating delicious food. Relaxed in the morning in a rainy forest, enjoyed the scenery out of the tent, and in the atmosphere of the campsite. This is a full video of a previously released one.

Thank you for watching.
Always be safe and have a fun camping.
Stay safe.

※ This video contains advertisements (promotions) for Adobe’s #FromMeToYou project.

※ Equipment I used
1. Tent : Awesome Holiday Radiance 1.5P
2. Tarp : DD Tarp Sunset Orange 3x3m
3. Poles : Sliding Pole 2.8m and DD Tarp Pole 1.8m
4. Mat : SEATOSUMMIT Comfort Plus Insulated XR RG RT WD
5. Pillow: SEATOSUMMIT Aero Pillow Premium Large (L)
6. Sleeping Bag: ZED Korea Nordic Plus 800
7. Chair : Helinox Chair One Large
8. Pot 1: Abenaki Titan Steamer 900ml
10. LED Lantern 2 : Barebones Forest
11. Gas Lantern : Coleman North Star LP
12. Gas Stove : Korea Camp 1 Plus
13. Indian Hanger : LADAKH Indian Hanger M
14. Ice Cooler : KOMAX Ice Tank 20L Military Green
15. Pegs : Squid shaped pegs

※ Food
1. Jukkumi bokkeum (Stir-fried Small Octopus)
2. Rice
3. Makgeolli (Rice Wine)
4. Dwaeji moksal gui (Grilled Pork Neck)
5. Ganjajang (Black-Bean-Sauce Noodles)
6. Coffee

※ Camera : SONY A7M3

※ Lens : SONY FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM

※ Mic : Rode Videomic NTG

※ Tripod : Leofoto LS-284C

※ Additional info. you may want to know
1. In Korea, for the purpose of forest protection, it is prohibited by law to use fire in mountains, except where permitted.
2. I practice LNT (Leave No Trace).
3. I am a second year camper(since 2019) and I am trying to have a variety of camping experiences. Your advice is always welcome.
4. Amazon Affiliate Links provide me with a very small commission of the sale with no additional cost to the buyer.
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