September 19, 2021

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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Camping Vacation Travel Routine

Barbie Family gets ready to go to a vacation camp for 2 weeks. The sisters pack their suitcases with everything they need. Barbies’ mom makes lunch in the kitchen! Chelsea is nervous about camp because Barbie won’t be the counselor this year. The Roberts Family helps the girls get ready and make Chelsea feel better. The camp school bus comes to pick them up!
We even see Daisy and Ken from the Netflix Dreamhouse Adventures show!
Barbie Sisters arrived at camp. Barbie’s sisters, Chelsea and Stacie find their counselors and go to their cabins where they find awesome doll bunk beds. They unpack their bags and explore the camp. They go on an awesome nature scavenger hunt and they roast marshmallows. Chelsea tells her friends a spooky story. Amber the cheer captain wants to go home! The adventures continue when they try out all the camp activities, like arts and crafts, boating, and more.

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