September 27, 2021

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Bushcraft Camping In Rain Storm –Hail–Mist–Fork carving -Beautiful Mountain Scenes – Cooking (Day 1)

Bushcraft Camping In Rain Storm, hail, beautiful misty mountain scenes in the evening, slept under my 3×3 DD tarp; used a Tomshoo wood gas stove I recently bought; fork carving; drank mursalski tea; cooking – pasta with vegetables. No talking, only peaceful nature sounds. If you want to find out more about all of these and the story behind this movie, please read on.
I went on another trip to the mountains. According to the weather forecast, there was lots of rain expected in the mountains that day, so I made sure I had the necessary equipment to protect myself and my filmmaking gear. Of course, I was expecting the rain with much enthusiasm as I knew this also meant I could enjoy breathtaking misty mountain scenes and moving clouds scenes. I was not disappointed. The rain did come, sooner than I expected it though, so I couldn’t film the whole tarp set up and the wood gathering this time.
I cannot explain why, but I love birch forests…their otherworldly beauty, their grace, the atmosphere, makes me want to stay there for hours and hours. But I couldn’t satisfy this desire, as I knew the rain would soon arrive. I cut a small piece of wood from a fallen birch tree which I later turned into a fork (this is the first fork I carve) and collected some birch bark to help me light a fire. Then off I went towards the place I had planned to set up my camp in.
I managed to set up my tarp and gather some wood before the heavy rain started, but because there was so much rain, and the air was humid I had problems maintaining the fire in that small stove. Another problem I faced was the new old Hults Bruk axe I received as a gift . It wasn’t sharp enough so I had difficulties carving that piece of birch wood. In the meantime, I bought myself a grinding stone and I hope I will be able to sharpen my axes properly for my next trips. Do you have some recommendations regarding this subject? If you do, please write it in the comments section below.
That evening I cooked a wonderful pasta with vegetables dinner. This is a recipe recommended by Savatie Bastovoi. He is a Romanian world-renowned writer and a monk who lives in Moldova. Savatie Bastovoi is a wonderful person, a very talented writer and artist. He does amazing things with his hands and cooks delicious food. So this is his pasta with vegetables recipe: boil the pasta then prepare the sauce: stir-fry the chopped vegetables – onion, mushrooms, pepper, tomatoes, chopped parsley, garlic and a little bit of green hot pepper. Add some wine to the vegetables, some spices you like and some bay leaves to the sauce. Fill half of your plate with pasta and half with the vegetable sauce and sprinkle some chopped parsley and green hot pepper on them. Enjoy!
The forest offered me one of the best tables at the Woods Restaurant made out of the trunk of a fallen tree. It’s one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, I recommend it . After dinner, I took my gas lamp and went for an evening walk. The misty mountain scenes and the moving clouds were the gifts I received. These gifts are so precious because I can share them with you, spreading the beauty I witnessed and the joy I felt that evening. “Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.”― Rumi

Day 2 of this trip (next video) – wonderful sunrise, misty and cloudy mountain scenes, climbing up the mountain and admiring the view, eating some raspberries, and some wild strawberries (my favorites of all fruit – nothing compares to their aroma), cooking a traditional Romanian meal.

I hope this video offered you some beautiful and peaceful moments, helped you forget all your worries, and encouraged you to dream and hope for a better life. If you did enjoy it, please leave a comment below. I would love to read it. Thanks for watching!
Filmmaking gear: Nikon D810, CamRanger, Rode VideoMicro
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