September 19, 2021

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The BEST Portable Fridge and Solar Combo for Camping on a Budget!

We spent three weeks testing solar powered refrigeration in sun, shade, and rain to find the “never run out of power” portable refrigerator and solar combo for camping on a budget. We use the term “budget” loosely as this 12v fridge and solar combo is going to cost a bit more than your average cooler and ice. However, in terms of off-grid refrigeration seen on YouTube, this system of refrigeration and solar is the most affordable we have seen for endlessly keeping your food cold and dry. And as for portability, this combination of solar portable generator, 12 volt refrigerator, and fold-able 100 watt solar panels is about as small and portable as you can get.

Links below for everything seen in this video as well as a link to the Indiegogo and Kickstarter Campaigns for the 40% discount. This discount is on the newest ICECO iCOOLER designed with boondockers in mind that functions similar to a Yeti Cooler, but with the ability to run 12v refrigeration. If you want a 12% discount on any ICECO product there is a link/code for that as well (we do earn a small commission on this one). Also there is a 15% discount code on RockPals gear, no kickback for us, just a nice discount for all of you as part of the Playing with Sticks Family!

Some of the most innovative camping gear for 2020 has been in the form of solar generators, fold-able solar panels, and 12 volt refrigerators. There currently is a push for smaller and stronger technology from the offroad and overland community. As teardrop owners and small camper enthusiasts we have greatly benefited from these new technologies that allow us to get off-grid using smaller refrigerators and power sources than ever before. If you are like us and thought you never needed a teardrop refrigerator while camping, you may want to give it a try. No more warm, wet, or soggy food. No more stinky smells, and best of all no more time spent cleaning that cooler after every trip. And the biggest selling point for us, this fridge can be run off of very minimal power meaning affordable solar solutions.

If you would like to see the solar charging speeds compared from different solar portable generator brands check out this amazing video from Will’s channel

Looking for a detailed list of all the gear we currently use:
By purchasing items through these links there is no additional cost to you. Our family gets a small kickback from amazon for any purchases you make using these affiliate links.

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Rockpals 100W Foldable Solar Panel

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ICECO Amazon Affiliate Links:
-ICECO Go20 Fridge from this video:
-Looking for a little smaller 14 qt Version
-Looking for a little bigger 43 qt Version
still runs on very low power as low as 33 watt vs GO20’s 27 watts.
-Need the big guns at 53 qts:
also runs on very low power as low as 33 watts.
-Looking for Rugged Offroad Overland Style Fridge:
*One of the best features on all ICECO Fridges is that they come with Dan Fross Compressors with 5 year warranties.
*The GO20 was a little too small for our family a 31 or 43 qt would be more suitable for us, just in case you were wondering. We made do, but would benefit from a bit more space.

ICECO Campaigns Although they appear to be over. I think you can still get the discount on certain colors of their new 3 in 1 model. Multiple colors still seem to be available at Kickstarter.
ICECO Kickstarter campaign:
ICECO Indiegogo campaign:
ICECO Official Store:
ICECO Amazon Store:

The 2 way radios “walkie talkies” in the video are from the company Retevis.

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