September 19, 2021

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[2] A Carno Is Camping My Body! Green Obelisk At Last! (ARK Island To Extinction: The Island)

Two surivors versus all of ARK’s Story DLCs! Ghost and Crit face off against The Island, Scorched Earth, Abberation, and Extinction playing through each in order with the same characters! Will our heroes be able to ascend and grow more powerful? Will they be able to beat every ARK boss? Will they tame and breed powerful dinos then be super sad when the bosses destroy them? Yeah, probably all these things! Tune in to watch the hilarious and epic adventure unfold in ARK Island To Extinction!


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Intro Wolf drawn by Amanda Piel (aka Ivory Owl) by Commission/Fanart
Outro Avatar drawn by Defaeco
Outro Music by Chris Geddes (aka ZeeCount) by Commission


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