September 27, 2021

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2 Day Winter Camping Expedition: Exploring, Bacon Steak Wrap & Tripod Campfire Cooking, Tent Camping

On my 2 day camping expedition i explore a new set of woods, cook up tons of tasty food, and experiment with various fire starting techniques. I wandered off into new land witch i knew little to nothing about in order to find a base camp for my exploration trip. After establishing a campsite and examining the different varieties of potential firewood, i ended up building a tripod in order to rotisserie my bacon steak wrap. The remainder of my food is cooked on my bush grill, and in the coals. I experiment with two different fire starting techniques, and discover three new potential campsites for future adventures in this region. I will be exploring more parts of this woodland on future trips. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching and supporting my channel 🙂

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