September 22, 2021

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-23C Extreme Winter Camping Alone In A Hot Tent

Campers Log 004

I tasked myself with the challenge of camping in extremely cold temperatures. I was successful. With temperatures dipping below -20C (-10F) I relied upon my Mr. Heater Portable Buddy and my Teton Sports Zero degree bag. The Cold was so COLD my food froze before I could eat it! During the night the temperature dropped to -23C. The trees would crack and pop due to the extreme temperatures, it was eerie but satisfying to listen to. The morning brought sunshine and warmth to the forest. It was a beautiful place to camp.

February 8, 2021
Kenny Baum

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Gear List:
Sleeping Pad:
Sleeping Bag:
CO Detector:
String Lights:
Trail Camera:
Coffee Kit:
Cook Kit:
Fire Starters:
Air Bed:
Coffee Maker:
Coffee cup:
Firebox Stove:
Kovea Stove:
Cook Pan:

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I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure you have good ventilation while using a propane heater. Please have multiple ways of detecting CO. Mr. Heater has a low oxygen sensor built-in but having a second detection source is a must. NEVER run your heater while you are asleep. In this video, I only used the heater while awake and with plenty of ventilation. Please and I stress, please do your research before ever considering using a propane heater in a tent, and make sure the heater is designed for indoor use, as Mr. Heater is. If in doubt, leave it out! SAFETY first everyone!

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