September 22, 2021

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3 Mile Lake – Taking a Dog Canoe Camping

3 Mile Lake is about as easy as crowned land camping gets. Drive your car right to the lake, paddle out and pick from one of the many beautiful camp sites! It was the lake that started my love affair with backcountry camping and I thought it would be a fitting place for my pup No Nah’s first camping trip. The lake was glass all weekend so it made for some nice paddling.
I threw in some tips about taking your dog in a canoe and camping. Hope you guys enjoy the video! If you go there please be respectful of the lake, it gets treated poorly because of the easy access.

Put in : (44.8750583, -79.2567290)
Take out : (44.8750583, -79.2567290)
Duration : 2 days but you could do it as an overnighted.
Distance : sites all along the lake you can paddle out to. The farthest being, you guessed it 3 miles lol
Portages : just a short 30m carry down the hill to get your boat in the water. If you have a truck you can drive down to the lake. ( hill gets muddy)
Boats : We No Nah Wilderness, We No Nah Fusion, Mad River Freedom Solo