September 26, 2021

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A Visit From Above! Wild Camping 11k Catch/Cook Brook Trout/Gourmet Firebox Campfire Food NatureASMR

A wonderful solo backpacking trip into a beautiful remote high country wilderness lake in Utah USA with my two dogs Ash and Juni (Both carry packs for dog food and bedding) as well as my two pack goats Levi and Lucky Bill (Who carry enough gear to allow me to bring camera gear as well as gourmet food ingredients) I fish for and catch three beautiful brook trout. One of which I cook for the first nigh’s dinner on my Firebox Stoves two beautiful fillets of brook trout on a bed of lemon garlic linguini garnished with fresh shavings of asiago cheese and chopped fresh parsley. I enjoyed A Firebox Stove campfire before retiring to bed under my ultralight dyneema composite tarp shelter. The next morning I made coffee then was surprised when a low-flying plane dipped even lower dropping some kind of liquid into the lake, I scratched my head wondering what had just happened… Oh well, time for breakfast, I set out to make biscuits and gravy from scratch only to realize I left the biscuits back in the truck so I improvise and bake blueberries muffins in the Firebox Ultra Cook Kit. Tasted surprisingly good and was ready for more fishing and general soaking in the beauty of this primitive natural place. The birds were singing the ravens were putting on a show. The dogs, goats and myself relaxed in the shade unwinding from the stresses caused during this unprecedented time in which we find ourselves enduring. The day was wonderfully long, the evening finally came where I cooked what came to be the best meal of my life! I started by sautéing onions and garlic (In the firebox handle-less frypan then adding mushrooms. setting that a side while I panfried my beautiful ribeye beef steak in butter. I boiled water on the Firebox Nano Stove for garlic mashed potatoes setting up the steamer basket up top the Firebox bush pot for fresh green beans! The meal came together perfectly! Honestly the best meal (Not just camping, ever!) of my life! Spent another night under the tarp shelter enjoying a dark night and bright stars. Woke up made coffee, packed up and made my way towards home feeling ready to continue carefully leading my family through the unfamiliar circumstances of 2020.

Best watched relaxed and ready to let go.

Go back to the nature experience that made you fall in love with the outdoors. Actually, It probably wasn’t as much an experience as a feeling. For me, it’s a feeling of freedom, a sense of independence, accomplishment. Something about successfully living in the wild with what you have on your back, brings a reassuring confidence, while at the same time feeling small, humbled by the immense power of mother nature. At times thrilling, knowing the risks involved. It’s really quite complicated and difficult to put into words.

What does nature immersion make you feel?
How does it change you?
One thing I do know is that afterwards I feel a bit stronger, both body and mind.

Come with us to this remote, un-spoiled wilderness lake where everything around you is alive, thriving in perfect harmony. A pair of ravens caw high above playfully patrolling—literally dancing in the sky, communicating with a sense of humor which conveys intelligence. A multitude of birds, the Steller’s Jay, Hermit Thrush and the Three toed woodpeckers that tried to drive us off the mountain. Songbirds continually singing reassurance… Everything’s good, everything is as it should be, as it has always been. The timeless power of nature makes you realize your insignificance to all except loved ones–family and friends–that’s where life’s deepest fulfillment comes from. Being alone in the remote wilderness helps you realize your place in the universe. You can see its vastness shining back at you in perfect silent darkness, making you feel part of it. It all somehow helps you re-gain focus on what really matters and why. Nature can heal your spirit, help you find peace with worries or concerns like, what unintended consequences will arise from past decisions, mistakes or missteps? “Did I make the right life choices?” Being immersed in the purity of nature forces you to “live in the now”–if you don’t, it could catch you unaware and unprepared. Which is how people die in the woods. I believe the longer you can stay, the more it can change you. The wilderness changes people in different ways at different times.

Start with the 50 minutes of this video but please subscribe as I’m planning a ten day trip that I hope will yield an extra long, deeply immersive video. I’m hoping to come back a “changed man” with new perspectives and a deeper wisdom of my true self.

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