September 19, 2021

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Bushcraft Camp in the Cave, Catch and Cook, Smoked Fish and Roasted Catfish, Rose Hip Tea

Bushcraft camp in the cave, caught and roasted catfish, smoked and fried common bleak, brewed tea from the blossoms of rose hips, chamomile, thyme, spent the night in the rock.

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Knife: Gerber Bear Grylls Fix Blade Ultimate Pro
Saw: Garden Saw “Gartner”
Kettle: Fox Outdoor Kettle 0,9 L

Bushcraft Сabin in the Woods from Start to Finish. Roasting Сhicken, Hawthorn Blossom Tea

Bushcraft Camp, Catch and Cook, Overnight in a Tarp Shelter

Bushcraft Camp Under a Rock, Overnight in a Tarp Shelter

Bushcraft Overnight in a Natural Shelter, Swedish Torch

2 Days Bushcraft, Catch & Cook, Ice Fishing, Reed Shelter

Bushcraft on the Mountain, Pine Log Bench

Winter Bushcraft at -15 °С / 5 °F in Natural Shelter, Campfire Cooking

Bushcraft Cooking Steak on the Campfire

Bushcraft on the Island, Campfire Cooking in a Landscape