September 19, 2021

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Camping – Rain, Truck, Dog, Napier Sportz SUV Tent, Steak Dinner

UPDATE 2: The dealer has issued a full refund and admitted there are issues with that particular tent.
UPDATE: See my community tab for the response from Napier Outdoors.
A one night truck tent camp in the rain with my Ford Ranger 4×4. The NZ$800 Canadian built Napier Outdoors Sportz Truck tent was awful, not waterproof at all. Should come with a danger sign! Crossing the river twice was fun but luckily I left when I did before the storm hit as it would have been impassable the next morning. We’d have been stranded. The food was great even though I did forget some essential items. As usual nothing goes 100% right. Hope you enjoy the video though!

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00:00 Intro, Ford Ranger fording the river and Camp setup
06:24 Leaking Napier Outdoors Sportz truck tent, brew and a cigar
18:00 Close up of Leaking everywhere!
30:30 More leaking, Wine and Dinner Prep Steak, potatoes and onions
49:27 View from outside
50:50 Back to dinner
1:02:17 Scoffing Dinner with Bruce
1:22:55 Chilling with Bruce, Whisky and a Movie
1:33:27 Snack time, Bacon
1:35:07 Bedtime with Bruce
1:38:25 Morning
1:41:34 Coffee, Bacon and Pancakes
2:09:57 Breaking Down Camp
2:14:00 A walk in the woods with Bruce
2:27:52 Thanks for watching but wait!
2:29:00 Fording the deeper river!


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Filmed on a Sony a6600.

Sony a6600:
3F UL Gear Tarp:
Hilleberg Staika Tent:
Conundrum Quilt:
Fjallraven pants:
Thermarest Pad:
MSR Hubba Hubba:
Flextail Pad Pump:
Aquaquest Tarp:
Wooly Mammoth Blanket:
Danchel Tent Stove:
OneTigris Smokey Hut:
Camping Chair:
Bivy bag:
Zoom h1n recorder:
Cooking Grill:
Trangia 27 Stove:
Trangia 25 Stove:
TOPS Tahoma Knife:
Hiking Poles:
GSI Non stick pam:
Mini Thermometer:
Kelty 105l Backpack:
Gold Armour Tarp:
Trail Cam: