September 21, 2021

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How to Go Stealth Camping ( a.k.a. Wild Camping )

How to Go Stealth Camping / Wild Camping

In the two years we’ve been away on our bicycle touring adventure, by far the most nights were spent in our trusty old palace: the ‘Marmot Vapour (4P)’ tent. In this video I share my top tips for stealth camping based on our personal experience.

For most long distance travellers, and especially those that travel by bicycle or by foot, stealth camping is a great and affordable way to travel for an extended time and to experience a country in a unique way. Although it didn’t offer us always the best nights of sleep, we absolutely love it and we hope with these tips you feel confident trying it for yourself!

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
01:50 Planning
03:17 Location
06:44 Tips for stealthiness
07:49 Animals
09:06 People
12:27 Examples in the Forest
17:04 Outro

– Smooth the Ride :
– The Saddle :
– Ergonomic Handlebar Grips :
– Ideal Water Bottle :
– Strong Bottle Cage :
– Bombproof Phone Holder :
– The Multitool :

– Easy Delicious Coffee :
– Comfy Pillow | Thermarest :
– Foldable Chair | Trekology :
– “All Fuel” Stove :
– Lightweight Water Filter :

– The Rain Jacket :
– Venting Rain Pant :
– Most Versatile Piece :
– All Around Sandals :

CAMERA GEAR ( Photo & Video )
– Great Affordable Camera :
– Best Travel Lens :
– Video “Must Have” ND Filter :
– Ideal Microphone :
– Extra Batteries :
– The Drone :
– Travel Tripod :

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