September 22, 2021

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Quartzsite AZ-LTVA Tour and Drydock Camping at Rice Ranch

After a series of seizures, I decided to leave my beloved remote desert where I had been hanging out, and camp instead in Q so I could be close to doctors – you know, just in case. I’m better now and I took the opportunity to make this video so you can get a glimpse of the LTVA and some Drydock camping available around Q. I knew about the LTVA but I didn’t know there was inexpensive drydocking available. Cool! If you are planning a visit to Q, I hope you find this video helpful – especially if you haven’t been here before. See you down the road.

RTR – Rubber Tramp Rendezvous
by Bob Wells,
January 10-22, 2017

Rice Ranch

Quartzsite RV (Big Tent) and Gem Show
January 21-29, 2017

LTVA – Long Term Visitor Area, $180/7 months

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