September 21, 2021

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Rain Camp in the Pine Woods – Off-Grid Solo Overnight under DD Tarp

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I wanted to go backpacking, but I didn’t have a backpack. So I put equipment in my luggage for camping and went to the rainy camp alone in the nearby forest. I was very scared because I was alone in the forest on a dark night, but thanks to the rain, I couldn’t hear the wild animals and the wild animals.
The sound of the birds singing at the dawn of the rain was so good.

Thank you for watching.
Always be safe and have a fun camping.
Stay safe.

※ Equipment I used (Affiliate Links)
1. Tent : Awesome Holiday Radiance 1.5P
2. Tarp : DD Tarp Forest Green 3x3m
3. Mat : SEATOSUMMIT Comfort Plus Insulated XR RG RT WD
4. Pillow: SEATOSUMMIT Aero Pillow Premium Large (L) –
5. Sleeping Bag: old sleeping bag
6. Pot : Korean Military Canteen
7. Heating Pack : Old Faithful Flameless Heating Packs 80g –
(If the above product is not available, please check out this instead –
7-1. Flameless Cookware :
8. Spoon & Chopstick & Fork: Abenaki Titanium Cutlery Set

※ Camera : SONY A7M3

※ Lens : SONY FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM

※ Mic : Rode Videomic NTG

※ Tripod : Leofoto LS-284C

※ Food
1. Smoked Pork Belly
2. Mumallaengimuchim (Seasoned Dried Radish)
3. Cooked Rice
4. Cup Noodles

※ Additional info. you may want to know
1. In Korea, for the purpose of forest protection, it is prohibited by law to use fire in mountains, except where permitted.
2. This video contains a campaign to encourage meals that do not use fire.
3. I practice LNT (Leave No Trace).
4. This video was shot on private property.
5. I am a second year camper(since 2019) and I am trying to have a variety of camping experiences. Your advice is always welcome.
6. Amazon Affiliate Links provide me with a very small commission of the sale with no additional cost to the buyer.
7. You can support my camping adventure by purchasing items below. Thanks for your support.

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