September 23, 2021

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Solo Camping During Winter – [ On Top Of The World ]

Another solo camping Winter trip at high elevation in the Vic High Country. Solo camping during Winter is a great time of year to be camped at high elevation in the Vic High Country.
The main thing to take into account when you are solo camping during Winter, is to be prepared for any kind of weather forecast.
This high elevation camping spot that i have set up on is around 1400 meters above sea level.
There was still a few patches of snow lying around from the server cold snap that came through a week prior to my solo camping Winter trip.
After camp had been setup, i walk to the Pinnacles Fire Tower lookout to check out the amazing view across the Vic High Country.
From the summit the mountain views are simply breath taking. It was so peaceful and quiet while absorbed the views for some time.
During the night, very strong winds picked and made for a very wild night in my swag.
The next morning the wind was still too strong and gusty to get my campfire going. So, i didn’t cook breakfast that morning. Just packed and headed for home.
While on a solo camping Winter trip, be ready for anything that may be thrown at you and deal with it as it happens.