September 19, 2021

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Sonic in Camping Chaos [SFM 4K]

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When Sonic invites Tails to his cabin for a weekend of camping they find they’re going to get a lot more adventure than they bargained for! Sonic in Camping chaos is a fully animated feature made in Source Filmmaker and packed with excitement and fun!

I’d like to thank sonicsong182 for providing the voice of Tails!

00:00 Opening Titles
00:34 Welcome to Critter Country
01:28 Eggman’s Arrival
03:39 Gone Fishin’
07:15 Sonic Roasting on an Open Fire
08:24 A Grizzly Surprise
10:55 Big Battle at the Factory
12:57 Fur Real
14:07 Cabin Fever
15:37 Eggman Walks the Plank
16:30 Ending & End Credits

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