September 27, 2021

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Stealth Van Camping in Sun Valley Idaho // Craters of the Moon // Sawtooth Scenic Quest Drive

This was my first time stealth camping in a city, albeit small city of Ketchum, Idaho in Sun Valley resort area. I also visited Craters of the Moon National Monument, which was just a several hours in the park, and then made my way around the Sawtooth scenic drive from Shoshone, Idaho to Boise, Idaho through the Sawtooth National Forest.

Ketchum and the Sun Valley area was pretty cool in the summer and OMG the views, the land, the day use parks – it was all amazing. It was a bit expensive in town to eat and grocery shop, but it was well worth the time there.

I spent about a day and half between BLM land in the Sawtooth National Forest that was very close to Ketchum and then stealth camped in the downtown (residential) area of Ketchum. This was my first time stealth camping – and is completely legal in Ketchum during the non winter seasons to overnight on specific streets. You’ll want to review their parking map to make sure you’re in compliance else you’ll get a knock on your door at night or towed.

My Hymer Aktiv van is doing well and I love the ability to stealth camp, hang out in the cities, go to restaurants and groceries without having to scope out the parking ahead of time. I love my Hymer! My Hymer Aktiv is a great van to full time in as long as you can adapt to a more minimalist life.

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Season 2, Episode 3 Takes Place in:

-Craters of the Moon National Monument
-Ketchum, Idaho
-Sun Valley, Idaho
-Sawtooth National Forest
-Boise, Idaho

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Hi, I’m Amber and in May 2017 I started this nomadic journey after selling my house and all my belongings to purse this crazy dream of living out of my RV full-time and traveling all around North America.

After 1 year of traveling I sold my 26 foot Winnebago Class C RV for a more nimble Class B Hymer Aktiv van. I couldn’t have been more excited to continue my second year in a van that allows me travel to more places and experience more in life.

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Sawtooth National Forest & Craters of the Moon

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