September 27, 2021

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The Camping Guru | Short Stay Shelter System (1 of 4)

Jarrod Michael, The Camping Guru from Camping Country Australia – Quick erecting campsites are all the rage at the moment. And why not – with unseen advances in technology, it is keeping our minds busier and more occupied than ever before…… is it any wonder that we love the serenity of Mother Nature? A quick erecting campsite gives us more time to relax and unwind – giving our mind and body the reboot it deserves. I have a shot a series of 4 small snapshot videos on the Short Stay Shelter System that my wife Kerri and I have developed to use for ourselves. This video entails erecting the kit from start to finish – just to show how simple it really is. After all, the easier it is to go camping… the more often we’re likely to get away!

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