September 21, 2021

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Winter Bushcraft – WIKIUP Shelter – 3 Days ALONE in WINTER Forest – BUSHCRAFT Trip & Skills – ASMR

Winter bushcraft WIKIUP Shelter – In this video, you will see a three-day hike into the winter forest without a tent or stove. A bushcraft shelter called Wikiap will be built. The skills of bushcraft and woodworking will also be applied: Making a fire using materials collected in the forest, preparing firewood for the night, cooking over a fire, making a wooden door and a tripod with a suspension. I will show you how to make a rope from a piece of branch.

On the first day I got to my winter camping place. I chose a place to build Wikiap so that there were enough dead trees nearby to build this bushcraft shelter. First of all, I assembled the flooring from the poles and covered it with spruce branches. So the size of the shelter is immediately clear and you don’t have to redo it.
After that, I collected poles in the area – dead fallen trees and build the Wikiap frame.
Lower dying branches of spruce – spruce branches were used as a covering material. I had to hurry up with the construction, because it was starting to snowfall.
After assembling the shelter, firewood was prepared and stacked inside the Wikiap.

With the birch bark, small dry twigs and flint, I made a fire inside the shelter.
I cooked food on fire from a piece of meat and bread, as well as hot tea.

On the second day of my winter camping, I assembled a door from wooden poles using bushcraft skills.
I moved the fire outside, it was a little smoky.
I also made a tripod over the fire and a hanger for the kettle from the materials at hand – a trellis of poles and a piece of a curved branch.

Then i made bushcraft chair – three sticks and a canvas bag.
For dinner, I cooked buckwheat porridge with beef stew over the fire.

Gradually night fell on my winter camp and I, tired for the whole day, closed the new door and calmly went to bed.

The third day has come. On this day, I did not even start a fire. I had a bite of bacon and the rest of the bread, packed my things, examined the camp and set off on the way back.

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Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be a guide and is filmed for entertainment purposes only. The author does not recommend repeating the actions shown in this video and is not responsible for the consequences. It can be life threatening.