September 23, 2021

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10 NON-ESSENTIAL Camping items that I ALWAYS pack

In this video I go over 10 NON-ESSENTIAL camping items that I ALWAYS include in my pack. Regardless if I am backcountry packing, canoeing, or simply car-camping, I tend to always bring these 10 items. I do not consider these essential as they are more luxuries than survival items, however, I cannot leave on a trip without them. Please let me know in the comments if you bring something unique camping that is non-essential but works for your style.

1) A Good Book:

Men of The Last Frontier – Grey Owl:

The End of Nature – Bill McKibben:

Coyote America – Dan Flores:
A Hunter’s Heart – David Petersen and Richard K. Nelson:

Lines on the Water – David Adams Richards:

Brook Trout & Blackflies – Kevin Callan:

Lost Canoe Routes – Kevin Callan:

Temagami: A Wilderness Paradise – Hap Wilson:

Walden – Henry David Thoreau:

2) Hot Chocolate

3) Insulated Mug (Yeti Rambler):

4) Extra Dry Bag (Woods 20L):

5) Insulated Work Gloves:

6) Work Coveralls (Dakota):

7) Cutting Board:

8) Gear Straps:

9) Camp Chair (Trekology):

10) Extra Tarp (Woods 3m x 4m Tarp):