September 26, 2021

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2021 Solo Camping: Warm up the Winter with an Outdoor Hot Sping Bath

Is there anything more satisfying than enjoying a hot spring bath in the winter? If any, it would an outdoor hot spring bath. This week, follow me to warm up your winter while being surround by beautiful snow and mountains in the open.

0:00 Arrive at Zhonggu Village
0:35 Put up my tent
1:24 My dog fights with a local dog
1:38 Dinner time: Sautéed preserved pork with mushrooms
3:23 Beautiful snow scenery
4:00 Outdoor hot spring water bath
5:30 Breakfast time in the open

Actually, it is not my first-time hot spring bath in the wild. Check an unexpected experience on my camping trip in Haiwei Valley:

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Thank you for joining me and see you next time.