September 19, 2021

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Building a Wooden CAMPING CABIN – Ep.10: SLEEPING AREA Is Finished!

Hello guys!
Welcome back in a new episode in my camping cabin series.
The camping cabin is slowly starting to get its final shape in we couldn’t be more excited! In this video you get to see how we layered the floor in the sleeping area, panelled both of the triangle walls, closed the spaces between rafters with special shelves and so much more! All in all, we are in love with how this room looks and feels and we can’t wait to spend a night here!
The final major project on this cabin is layering the floor in the main room and then installing the stove. After that, the only thing that will be missing are some pieces of furniture and some decor to make the camping cabin feel cozy and homey.
We kindly suggest to watch the video till the end, because there is something special waiting for you at the end of this video! 😀
Hope you are all well and healthy!
Thank you for watching and see you in my next video!