September 26, 2021

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camping on an island with living fossils!! | MATIU/SOMES ISLAND VLOG

amazing New Zealand animals to behold in this vlog on predator free island, Matiu/Somes! These ‘living fossils’ have been in New Zealand for over 200 million years so I had to see them for myself – even if it meant camping alone.

keep the wildlife and yourself safe! remember that if you visit the island yourself and go looking for animals, to check in first with a ranger about how you should behave, as disturbing native species in New Zealand carries some heavy penalties. and have a bloody good time pal
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music via epidemic sound
Tropic Breeze – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist

audio via freesound
InspectorJ – Pop, Low, A (H1).wav

images via creative commons
T-Rex Dinosaur – Scott Kinmartin
Lying crocodile; Snake skin 1 – Tambako the Jaguar
Turtle in Pindus National Park – MrHicks46
Tree Lizard – Redcup2
snake – LongitudeLatitude
Libanasidus vittatus02.jpg – Paul venter
Cook Strait Giant Weta – SidPix
Oligosoma aeneum 23784220.jpg – Christopher Stephens
Pacific gecko Hoplodactylus pacificus.jpg – Dick Veitch