September 26, 2021

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CREEK CAMPING in AUSTRALIAN BUSH [호주캠핑] with our DOG, campfire food – Sounds of Camping Ep7

[호주캠핑] In this episode we found an amazing camp site by a creek in Sunshine Coast Hinterland / Queensland / Australian Bush. As always we did some cooking on the fire, super delicious Steak with Potatos.
More details about the camping area below.

Camping gear used:

Tent: Coleman 3p Swagger –​​
Fly / Tarp:​​
Lantern: Coleman Dual –​​

Camera: Panasonic S5 –​​
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 Art Lens

About the campsite:
Kookaburra Hills, Owl Site
Booked via:​
The host was great. We had a little, nice chat at the start and then he left us all to ourselves. The distance between campers is quite large, so you won’t sit on top of each other, even if it’s booked out. It is very quite and pieceful.
No children are allowed on this campsite. Also no drones are allowed on the property. Dogs are allowed! Ted had such a good time.
The main campsite is around 20 meters away from the creek, but you could setup your camp next to the creek if you travel light.

Unintentional ASMR

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