September 27, 2021

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FiSHING with ADLEY!! Catching my FiRST FiSH ultimate camping in mountains adventure with Mom & Dad

Learning to catch fish


HEY EVERYBODY!! Our family wanted to get out of the house and explore some nature today!! We drove up into the mountains for some bug catching and some fishing!! Before we could go fish we had to make our fishing poles out of sticks!! After searching for a while we found some perfect sticks and bucket to help us catch some fish!! We had to find the perfect size fish to catch so we searched all the near by rivers, ponds, and streams! The first pond we found was filled with tiny baby fish that we could only catch with our net so we wanted to move on! In the next river we found fish but they were too crazy! They were jumping everywhere! We then found the perfect lake to fish at where the fish were the perfect size!! We set up camp and then I had to teach my parents how to fish! Luckily they are good students and we were able to catch some fish!! While fishing my mom and I found some baby ducks and they were so cute! I love making new animal friends! After a while we caught 3 fish and then we decided to take them home and cook them up! We called my Papa Tod and he said that he could help us!! I’m glad I could spend the day in nature and have a blast!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*