July 26, 2021

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Overnight Camping in a Field: Making Pancakes and Fishing for Fun

My overnight camping in a field on a summer weekend is not all about camping.

Last weekend, I headed out into the outskirts of Chengdu city again. After about an hour’s driving, I set up my tent in a field by Harvest Reservior in Jintang County, where I was surrounded by wild grasses and flowers. The reservoir is a good place for fishing. After eating hand-made pancakes, I got prepared to fish on an electronic boat. Luckily, fishes came to my rod. Of course, I released all the fishes, ’cause this time I just want to fish for fun.

0:00 Camping in a field
1:07 Morning fishing
2:25 Lunchtime: tea and pancakes
5:50 Afternoon fishing

Hope you enjoy this video and thanks for watching and hope to see you again next week.

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