September 19, 2021

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This series delves into options for personal transportation for Campers (RVs, vans, cars) and this video is a 2 part video on electric bicycles (general eBikes & Ancheer) – the first video looks at features of ebikes, selection, assembly, controls, mods and upgrades. The second video is a road test and training for how to ride and optimize the use of the Ancheer Electric Bicycle as well as speed tests for automatic assist and manual operation..

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GoPro Hero 7 Black Camera:
Upgraded Ancheer Electric Bicycle:
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Videos is this series:
Personal Transportation for Campers – Overview:
Electric Bicycles – Part 1:
Electric Bicycles – Part 2:
Electric Scooters – Part 1:
Electric Scooters Part 2 :
Motorized Bicycles: (in production)
Gas Scooters: (planning)
Electric Skateboards: (planning)

Camper Conversion Videos:
Prius Stealth Camper:
Panorama Van Build:
Land Rover LR3 LR4 Build:
Ambulance MAV Build:

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70 year old with 1 lung & cancer uses Ancheer eBike for recovery:
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