September 21, 2021

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Paramotor Fly Camping Adventure!! Powered Paragliding Extreme Father & Son Mountain Exploration!!

800-707-2525 Paramotor powered paragliding fly camping extreme adventure!! Landing in tight spots in the mountains to go flying camping takes quite a bit of skill but the real challenge is taking back off again at extreme altitudes on rough ground in tight areas through the brush, in the rotor and turbulent air.

With the Air Trike you have a very tough but still the lightest trike on the market allowing for maximum payload as well as launching in the smallest area and shortest possible distance. The Dominator paraglider also gives maximum lift at the lowest possible speed while at the same time providing the highest top speeds to penetrate high mountain winds. Plus the Dominator give the absolute best stability and safety as well as incredible handling for getting into and then back out of incredible spots. Paramotor fly camping is the ultimate adventure but it takes getting the absolute best possible training along with the very best, safest and most capable gear.

For more information on how you too can get up in the sky on the funnest and safest backpack aircraft ever invented just contact the global distributor at: