September 19, 2021

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When stealth camping goes belly up

I WILL, be back for another attempt, this time parking about ten miles west and hitching a ride to the creek and avoid all roads. The canyon was originally closed due to Eagles nesting but has remained closed indefinably due to budget cuts and ranger layoffs. A fire swept through there almost a decade back and the damage is almost no longer noticeable. The area is healing and hopefully some day, they will re open it to the public. I was ESCORTED out the last 1.5 miles and told if I pointed the camera in their direction it would be confiscated and memory chip erased before I would get it back. I went all that way, set up in a serious down pour, getting soaked to the bone and as I am ready to start fishing, in comes five-o! Hoo-ah, Bacpacker, backpacker, whatcha gonna do? Whacha gonna do when they come for you? Nobody now give you no break, police no give you no break. No ranger man give you no break. not even de rain no give you no break! Backpacker backpacker, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when they come for you? It is far better to walk out with your gatewood cape tucked between your legs, then to walk out with shiny new bracelets 🙂

There is a prison 1/3rd mile north. The canyon is closed. I was a LaHabra polise 97/98, I know the crap they can put one through, better to smile and agree, then they are cool. the deal with scum day after day, statistics cause them to be on the defense right off the bat. lower your guard, they follow. I seek no drama. and screw every lawyer on the planet, let them all rot in hell! Thanks for watching. The guy was cool and asked how to find my Chanel. He may have subbed 🙂