September 27, 2021

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10 Survival Skills That Might Help You Out One Day

Bright Side made a list of movie-like tricks to get you out of trouble and into action. From getting handcuffs off to encoding messages – we have a lot of awesome tricks for you.
We live in a crazy time when everything is possible. Indeed, you never know when something unexpected can come your way. But when it does, you’d better be prepared.

Getting handcuffs off with a match 0:40
Hiding valuable things 1:13
Getting out of zip tie handcuffs 1:49
Imitating drinking 2:26
Using a mirror to spy on someone 2:57
Sending a secret message 3:35
Making a dead drop device 4:27
Setting up a door monitor 5:02
Creating a coded message 5:41
Waterproofing matches 6:25

– There is a way to help you get any handcuffs off, whether for a nice magic trick to impress an audience or if you ever find a real need. The only necessary tool is a match. Slightly flatten it (your teeth will do the job just fine). Stick it right into the hole in the handcuffs.
– If you have a stash of money or valuable documents you need to hide, here is an easy DIY idea for you. All you need is a chair, a hammer, some nails, and rubber bands. Flip the chair upside down, and hammer nails into the chair in the form of a box. Slightly bend the tips of the nails. Stretch the rubber bands as shown in the picture, and slip your money underneath.
– You’ve probably seen people using white plastic zip ties as handcuffs. They squeeze the hands really tightly, and one would assume that it’s impossible to undo them unless somebody cuts them off. Not so fast. You can easily get rid of them. Lift your hands above your head, and then quickly pull them down and open your arms at the same time.
– If you ever feel uncomfortable drinking a certain something in the presence of people you just met who seem suspicious, there is a way out. Just imitate drinking and don’t swallow the liquid.
– You can try using a CD with a reflective surface to see what’s going on behind a closed door if you feel like something bad is happening there. Get on your knees next to the door and put the CD on the ground through the door gap. Adjust the edge of the CD to get the right angle, and you will see what’s going on on the ground and in further parts of the room.
– Write your message on the paper with the white crayon. It will look totally blank. When someone needs to read it, they can simply color over it with the marker. The message will magically appear!
– When spies have some sensitive information for their ally, they make “dead drops” out of the most ordinary items. They just have to be large enough to fit a piece of paper or a USB drive. You can make a regular bolt your dead drop if you are good with tools, or pick something easier like a flowerpot for this function.
– If you ever need to check whether somebody has been in your room but you have no fancy gadgets, just get a tape and some string. Simply tape a piece of string, so it hangs slightly above the door. When someone closes or opens the door, the string will get stuck between the door and the threshold.
– If you need to send a coded message, you can use a simple reflect method. Just write out the letters A to M in a single line. Underneath the A to M line, write out the letters N to Z. Then simply change each letter of your message to the opposite letter of the two lines. “Hello“ will become ”uryyb.”
– To waterproof your matches using wax, let a candle burn for a while or melt some old wax chunks. Then, dip your matches in this melted substance deep enough to cover more than the head of the match. Once the matches cool down, scrape the extra wax off the matches’ heads with your fingernail. The fingernail option might be a bit easier – you just have to paint your matches from head to toe or just the tips with it, or dip them into the bottle.

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