September 26, 2021

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13 Easy Tips That May Save Your Life One Day

Most people don’t even think about being in danger. But anyone can find themselves in a position when a lot is at stake. And it might happen when no one’s around. How to save yourself in a critical situation? Knowing some useful pieces of advice for different life situations can be really helpful!

Do you know, for example, what to do if you find yourself with frostbite? Or how to find a source of water in a desert? Or why it’s really dangerous to build a fire inside a cave? (And no, the main problem isn’t the smoke from the fire.) Interested? So here’s a list of facts that can help you act rationally in a critical situation.

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How to wriggle your hands out of the plastic cords 0:20
How not to succumb to panic 0:54
What if you find yourself with frostbite 1:37
What if you run out of water in the wilderness 2:17
What if you get lost in the wilderness 2:50
How to make matches waterproof 3:05
Why you shouldn’t build a fire inside a cave 3:42
How eating snow can lead to dehydration 4:27
What if you’re in the water, and your hands and legs are tied up 5:20
What if you’re lost in the woods 6:30
Can you drink saltwater in small amounts 6:59
Extra stuff for unpredicted situations 7:25

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– If your wrists are bound with zip ties, rotate and move them back and forth against each other. It’s likely to loosen the cords a bit, and you’ll be able to remove the ties.
– If you find yourself with frostbite, take care of it as soon as you can. Despite the popular misconception, do NOT pour hot water on the damaged skin – it’ll make things much worse!
– If you run out of water in the wilderness, your top priority is to find a source of it. Keep in mind that water always runs downhill.
– If you get lost in the wilderness and have no idea what direction to choose, find a stream or a small creek. Follow it until it merges with a larger river.
– Dip the matches into hot wax and let them dry. It’ll make them waterproof, and to use one, you’ll just have to scrape the wax off the match head.
– The heat coming from your fire will cause the rocks to expand. Eventually, they’ll give in, and you may get trapped in a rockfall or a landslide.
– If you find yourself surrounded by snow and with no drinking water on hand, eating snow is NOT the best way to rehydrate. In fact, it’ll most likely lead to further dehydration!
– If you’re restrained and lying in a puddle of mud or muddy water, arch your back. This posture will help the air get to your lungs faster and more easily.
– As soon as you realize you’re lost in the woods during a hike, immediately stop. It may sound counterintuitive, but the best solution isn’t to keep walking.
– There’s an “Urban Survival Myth” that it’s safe to drink saltwater in small amounts. But in reality, such a delusion can have very dramatic consequences.
– When you go on a hike or decide to spend several days camping, pack your bag with some extra stuff for unpredicted situations.
– Opt for products that don’t weigh a lot, like dried fruit and peanut butter or beef jerky.

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