September 23, 2021

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20+ Survival Skills Most People Still Get Wrong

Knowing some symptoms and first aid techniques is the smallest thing that we can do in order to secure ourselves and our nearest and dearest. We collected for you the most effective first aid and survival techniques, as well as facts that can help you figure out how to act properly. We hope you’ll never need to use them in your lives, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Did you know, for example, that unlike what’s shown on TV, when someone’s about to drown, they won’t wave or cry out? Or why when you’re trying to save someone who can’t swim, you should never approach them directly? Or how a small mirror can save your life while traveling in isolated areas? So here’s a list of facts that can help you act rationally in a critical situation.


The bystander’s effect 0:07
What if you’re being followed 0:28
Approaching storm 0:46
What to do if you get lost 1:17
Drowning 1:45
Bear encounter 2:44
When someone’s choking 3:45
Rip current 4:10
Trouble in a foreign country 4:38
Stampede 4:59
How to make a compass 5:35
The fishy smell in your home 6:08
Snakebite 6:27
Frostbite 7:04
Grease fire 8:20

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