September 23, 2021

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Survival food after years of bad storage. SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!

Survival food what it looks like after years of bad storage.
This emergency survival food storage bucket believe it supposed to be good for 25 years it was not really stored correctly this kind of food maybe good for you shtf prepper survival hunting and fishing. I got ahead and show you what survival food actually looks like doesn’t look like it would taste super good but then again I didn’t actually eat the food. It appears to have been in Mylar bags, almost all Mylar bags were opened. But to me Kendall Todd it looked like it was still good enough to eat. Some people who are prepping or wanting hunting camping fishing campout survival food may be interested in these long term storage buckets, other ways to prep may be to buy wheat and beans in buckets, and also to buy meals ready to eat mre. Freeze dried food may be a great way to go, I believe this survival food storage bucket was supposed last for 25 years. In my personal opinion I think wheat is the food that can be stored for longest. Some people may wonder what is the best food for long term survival, that may be debatable, and fortunately there are lots of options. and also how do you store survival food. That is why freeze dried food in sealed 5 gallon buckets is so great, as it can be organized, stored for over 2 decades, and can still be eaten years later. I think bucket survival food is the best survival food storage. There is a potential drawback,and that is too put the survival food storage in to a rat proof area, as rats pests, may be able to chew through the plastic bucket. Water may be needed for some survival food to be able to eat it.
Some people may do water storage, but a better alternative may be to get a good berkey water filter.
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