October 20, 2021

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20+ Survival Tips to Help You Stay Alive

How to survive a tornado? What to do if you’re drowning? What should you not do during a fire? You might think troubles like natural disasters or road accidents can happen with anyone but you, yet truth is, things happen with everyone. So it’s not such a bad idea to improve your survival skills to be ready to face anything.

Many troubles could have been avoided if people had known how to behave correctly in critical situations. Sometimes, knowing a simple fact can increase your chances of survival or help save someone’s life. Did you know, for example, that the smell of fish at home, for no apparent reason, means that the electrical wiring might be melting, which can lead to a fire? Or that if your hair stands on end, this is a sign of electricity in the air, which often precedes a lightning strike? Here’s a list of useful recommendations that might help you to stay alive.

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