January 24, 2022

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Brilliant hacks for any situation

Have you ever had one of those painful toothaches which feel like the worst pain you’ve ever felt? Or have you ever had a terrible bruise that seemed to take ages to heal? In this video, we have the remedies for those situations and many more. We wanted to share with you some of our best lifehacks that will improve your life for the better and help you in literally any difficult situation that you might come across to. We show you simple ways to treat a migraine, how to get rid of pimples or even how to remove stains from your clothes. Watch our whole video and get equipped with the best solutions to all your problems.

– You can use a banana peel to relief itchy mosquito bites. You simply have to apply the banana peel on the affected area, and then let it sit for a few minutes until you feel like the itchiness is gone. After that remove and voila.

– If you’ve got a small cut on your fingers, and you have no plasters laying around, you can apply the skin from an eggshell. Since it is so slim and sticky it will stick to the wound protect your skin and help it heal faster.

– If you have a painful cavity, you can use our little hack to relief the pain until you visit the dentist. Simply, grind some cloves and then add a few drops of olive oil. Then, mix the two together well, dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply that on your teeth.

– If you have a painful migraine but no pain-killers laying around, you can try this little hack. Simply fill a bowl with water, then add some ice cubes inside and finally let your hands sit inside for a few minutes. The cold water will eliminate the heat and stop the pain.

– If you’ve put on some weight and you are struggling to fit into your jeans we show you the best hack you can try. Simply spray some cold water on your jeans and then try to stretch them using your hands – let them dry and voila.

– It feels like when you spill tomato juice on a white piece of clothing the shirt is completely destroyed and you have to throw it away. Before you do that try our little hack which helps you remove tomato juice stains from your clothes. Simply mix some salt with some cornstarch and some lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your shirt, tap it with a sponge and then wash as you normally would.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant DIY hacks that will completely change your life. We show different ways to tie robes just like girl scouts and some simple safety hacks that will prevent you from having any accidents.
0:07 – Banana peel hack
1:07 – How to fix your bra wire
1:24 – Toothache relief – remedy
2:27 – How to naturally treat a migraine
3:30 – Prevent sweat stains
4:23 – How to quickly remove a bruise
4:52 – Re-use tic tac containers
5:53 – Remove bad odors from shoes
7:09 – How to remove tomato juice stains
9:06 – Tie different knots
13:00 – Smart safety hacks
15:26 – How to escape from handcuffs
16:22 – How to cut robes with your shoes
18:13 – Waterproof matchsticks

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