October 22, 2021

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BACK TO SCHOOL PERIOD KITS! | 15 Hacks for What to do at School

Klai & Mom Share 15 hacks to survive your period at school! Are you ready for school? Subscribe: https://goo.gl/dRpa1N Watch more: https://goo.gl/JNnwAl

KLai & Mom Share 15 Hacks to Survive your Period at school! Have you started your period? What are your school hacks for your period?
#1 – Use a cute bag for your period kit & keep the kit in your locker
#2 – Cleansing Wipes – Use Summer’s Eve or some kind of Cleansing wipe made for periods, to keep yourself clean and fresh
#3 – Ziploc – Keep an extra Ziploc around to put dirty underwear or stinky things
#4 – Tide Stick – Use the STick to get rid of stains before they are set
#5 – Body Spray – keep yourself smelling nice & clean with fresh body spray
#6 – Pain Reliever – use Ibuprofen or Pamprin to help with cramping
#7 – Mini Kit in Backpack – stash extra kits everywhere, to be always prepared!
#8 – Hide in Mint Tin – You can take a mint tin in your pocket and no one will know you’ve got products hid inside!
#9 – Hide in Candy Bar – you can hide products in any box candy
#10 – Hide in Glasses Case – a great place to hide with your glasses
#11 – Hide in Lunchbox – lunch is a great time to switch out your pad or tampon, keep extra products in your lunchbox to do a quick switcheroo!
#12 – Gum – helps relieve cramps & keeps your kit smelling fresh!
#13 – Hand Sanitizer – always stay sanitized!
#14 – Track Your Period – Tracking your period will help you stay clear or accidents and keeping yourself prepared.
#15 – Code Words – Keeping your products in a tin could be a fun code word: “I need a mint” and your friends will know that you need a product.

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