October 21, 2021

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Bug In – Where We Been? , 250th Video Update…. Survival & Homestead

Aim4 Survival Host Jonathan Sullivan, Brings All Viewing Team Members an 250th ( Youtube ) Special Video! Showing Long Term Survival Homestead ( Homesteading) Projects … ( DIY , Vegetables Garden, Raised Bed , & Container Gardens ) While We Are Leading EveryOne On This Acre Homestead ( Bug In ) Path We Also Introduce Our Newest Team And Family Member “ NALA “ ( K9 Survivor Rescue ) Giving Support, Tips, Tricks , Hacks , & More! Let’s See What Aim4 Survival has Been Up Too! Coming Soon or Already Delivered – DAVE CANTERBURY, SELF RELIANCE OUTFITTERS, CONDOR, SOE, ALONE,

Heirloom seeds and garden supplies

Tool kit

Variety seed pack

15000 non gmo survival garden seed pack ( recommended)

K9 accessories

Dog vest

Dog kennel for Training

Information Guides

Homestead Guide

Back to basics guide for Homesteading

7 things every homestead needs