January 24, 2022

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Bullying Quotes | How To Survive A Haunted House | Things I Learned In YA: Horror Story 101

Bullying Quotes | How To Survive A Haunted House | Things I Learned In YA: Horror Story 101
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Lesson learned: Just because we can make it through reading some awesome YA horror books, it does NOT mean that we would make it out alive if we were actually IN the books.

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Since it’s the Halloween season when we freak ourselves out by reading YA horror books, we felt ambitious and wanted to take our fear to the streets (or an abandoned farmhouse, in this case.) In this episode of ‘Things I Learned in YA,’ we enlist author of the creepy Asylum series, Madeleine Roux, to teach us how to get out of a haunted house alive!

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