October 28, 2021

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Buy These 3 Forever Foods Before It’s Too Late!

These are the first 3 foods you need to stock up on for emergency survival. They will literally last forever. When the grocery store is empty you’ll have years of food stored for dirt cheap. These have all the nutrients your body needs to sustain life. These food buckets are the ones I have found work best. As we work to transform our homestead these are essential for survival. Thanks for watching!

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Unboxing my Roots and Branches Hand Crank Mill! Is it worth the MONEY?

Great River Organic Milling, Whole Grain, Soft White Winter Wheat, Organic, 25-Pounds

5 Gallon White BPA Free Durable Food Grade Bucket With Screw Lid

Roots & Branches Hand Operated Adjustable Mill

Camellia Brand Navy (Pea) Beans Dry Beans, 25 Pound Bag

Don’t buy a new Generator until you watch this!

Converting my Cargo Trailer into an RV Camper!

Turning our home into a homestead

Tips and Tricks to Save Time and Money

Making the ULTIMATE Workbench

As we try to turn our home into a homestead I hope to inspire you to take on DIY projects of your own. I’ll be working in our garden, building fun projects, working on my trailer conversion, and lots more!