October 22, 2021

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My Winter Survival Plan | Running a Gardening Business (UK)

I discuss my plans on surviving the winter as a self employed gardener and making sure the jobs keep coming in. What is your plan to surviving the winter?

I run a gardening business and its important to keep planning especially since the work can be very seasonal. When grass cutting a seasonal work stops you must have a plan in place so work doesn’t dry up completely and hopefully this video will help you.

Below are some videos relating to pricing gardening maintenance/grass cutting.

Pricing a Job (Real Example) – https://youtu.be/r5UAhY7rvbQ

5 Mistakes to avoid as a Self Employed Gardener – https://youtu.be/FLFXSkkB9no

Allotment Transformation (1st 9 Months) – https://youtu.be/TH9rd3F3RuI

10 Questions to ask before starting – https://youtu.be/W848YQubq98

Dealing with miserable customers – https://youtu.be/3keRQWCkioI