October 20, 2021

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Our Top 3 Homesteading Books For Your Homestead Library (Collaboration)

We are collaborating with Liz Zorab and other homesteading channels to list our Top 3 Homesteading Books for your homestead library. Find out which ones made our list!

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Learn About Canning and Preserving

Preppers: How and Why We Prep

Organic Gardening

Farm Fresh Cooking and Recipes

Our Fifth Year Homesteading (2020)

Building An Off Grid ICF Mountain Home


In 2015, following a series of events that included job loss and a 7.8 earthquake that shook us out of our complacency, we decided to get out of the rat race and live a more grounded lifestyle. For the first two years we taught ourselves skills such as canning, preserving, raising livestock, and off-grid cooking while living in the comfort of our suburban home. Then in 2017, we sold everything and moved off-grid into a 600 square foot trailer from the 1960’s in the most rural part of Appalachia we could find. Follow us as we build a home in one of the last remaining wild places in North Carolina.

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