December 7, 2021

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Overlanding to Bugging Out…What is Fieldcraft Mobility?

Director of Mobility Mike Hernandez talks about Fieldcraft Mobility and how it applies to survival. The Pillars of Preparedness consist of EDC/Person, Mobility, and Homestead. Mindset is the umbrella of the Pillars, and Community ties everything together.

As one of the Pillars of Preparedness, Mobility is a vital aspect to survival and being prepared. Defined as vehicle-based movements or travel, mobility shares a vital role in our preparedness plans because of the amount of time spent in vehicles, their ability to transport people and gear more efficiently, and the increased risk we face when we travel. Our vehicle is an extension of our rucksack, and as such allows us to expand our capabilities.

Having the capability within your vehicle can be the difference in how you respond to an emergency; the difference between success and failure or even life and death. We rely on our vehicles for everyday commutes, bugging out, overlanding and recreating, and so much more. Ranging the spectrum from survival to utility to recreation, our mobility platforms are a vital part of our lives and our preparedness plans.

Our live training course, the Mobility Experience, is something that will allow you to bring all the components of survival and preparedness through your mobility platform. Learn more about that here:

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