December 3, 2021

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QUOTE: 11 Life Hacks For Your Everyday Survival Guide

Apply skin glue to a closed wound and wait until it dries. Clean a wound with cool water and sound before dressing it with a clean, dry bandage. Always take someone with an object in a wound to the hospital instead of removing it by yourself. Cover an eye with gauze should an object be trapped inside. Call an ambulance immediately if you’ve been poisoned, and drink lots of warm water. In the first days of an injury, apply a cold compress to less the inflammation. Injured limbs should be bandaged in a comfortable position, immobilizing the two closest joints in addition to the possible fracture. Hold burned hand in cool water for 15 minutes. Lift an unconscious person’s legs up, unbutton any tight clothing, and don’t let them stand right after they wake. Get over a fever by drinking a lot in a cool air room of 61 to 61 degrees F. Put a cloth between skin and ice pack when icing a bruise for 20 minutes.