October 18, 2021

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Quotes To Help Survive The End Days!

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Quotes To Help Survive The End Days!

Quotes include:

Love and peace of mind do protect
us. They allow us to overcome the
problems that life hands us. They
teach us to survive… to live now…
to have the courage to confront
each day.

Our fate is determined by how far
we are prepared to push ourselves
to stay alive – the decisions we make
to survive. We must do whatever it
takes to endure and make it
through alive.

People will survive, and they will
find happiness. Happiness only
comes when you’re not looking for it.

If any civilization is to survive,
it is the morality of altruism
that men have to reject.

Conflict cannot survive
without your participation.

It takes but one positive
thought when given a chance
to survive and thrive to
overpower an entire
army of negative thoughts.

Love and compassion are
necessities, not luxuries.
Without them humanity
cannot survive.

Through humor, you can soften
some of the worst blows that life
delivers. And once you find
laughter, no matter how painful
your situation might be, you can
survive it.

For me life is continuously being
hungry. The meaning of life is not
simply to exist, to survive, but to
move ahead, to go up, to achieve,
to conquer.

While we should never give up
our principles, we must also
realize that we cannot maintain
our principles unless we survive.