January 24, 2022

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Build A Survival Kit BEFORE The Next Emergency or Disaster!!!

We don’t care if you call it your Emergency Kit, Disaster Kit, Earthquake Kit, Bail Out Bag, Go Bag, Survival Kit, or SHTF Gear: September is National Preparedness Month… have you taken the time to Build A Kit?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a hurricane, flood, earthquake, or alien invasion… the trick is to put together the water, food, and supplies you (and your family) will need long before the emergency. (And to make sure you have enough for at least 3 days, minimum!)

So, on this episode of DIYtryin, we’re gonna talk about building a customized kit that’s right for you and your family… there’s nothing wrong with the off the shelf kits… we just think you can do better yourself!

FEMA’s Emergency Supply List is a good place to start, the
Get A Kit list put together by Be Ready Utah is even more detailed, and has some great ideas.

We want to hear what’s in YOUR emergency kit, make sure to comment down below or tweet @diytryin