January 24, 2022

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Building A Cute Survival House! Minecraft 1.16 NetherVS Ep.4

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Welcome To Nether VS! In this minecraft 1.16 challenge series, we will be battling to see which creator can complete all 20 challenges. The one to complete them all first wins! The only rule is you are only allowed to record for ONE hour & upload once a week.

Hey Enirehtaks! 3 more challenges done! In todays NetherVS video I built a cute survival minecraft nether house! I also finished getting 5 new advancements and got a ghast tear!

Dangthatsalongname: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dangthatsalongname
Solidarity: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6XAct-Bus4x3mYz3VC_HUw
Shubble: https://www.youtube.com/user/lilshortysgs
KatherineElizabeth: https://www.youtube.com/katherineelizabethgaming

1. Find all the new biomes, Soul sand valley, Warped Forest, Crimson Forest, Basalt Deltas, Netherwaste
2.Make one of each netherite tools
3.1 Netherite Block
4. Find a strider
5. Find the Pigstep Disc
6. Find/make a piglin banner
7. Make a Target block and make an “archery Range”
8. Barter with a piglin
9. Make a base using mainly the new blocks
10. Make a Zoglin
11. Find a Bastion
12. Get 5 of the new Advancements
13. Get Soul Speed Enchantment
14. Make a respawn anchor
15. Make the new soul fire varients (torch, campfire, lantern)
16. Get a ghast tear
17. Gold block from nether Gold
18. Craft and use a Lodestone
19. Make a Zombified Piglin
20. Make a strider baby

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