January 25, 2022

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Emergency Food Secrets For Survival Kit emergency survival food

Packing emergency survival food in your bugout bag requires a lot of thought. In a recent survey, over 75% of respondents said that military MRE’s were the best survival food for bugging out in your survival kit. Were they right?

If you pack a BOB (bugout bag), you have a lot of survival-oriented gear in it.
What some people consider almost an afterthought, however, should be one of your primary concerns, and that is survival emergency food preps. Your survival kit bugout bag is useless if it has a lot of gear but doesn’t have so much as a single calorie you can use to keep your energy up.

If you pack your bugout bag for three days worth of an emergency, food you need to include must address the major factors to survive a disaster:

2:09 – Keep Your Bugout Bag Emergency Food Convenient

When bugging out for survival, you want emergency food that you can eat on the run. Bugging out isn’t camping – the point is to get from Point A to Point B quickly in order to survive.

4:15 – Survival Kit Emergency Food Must Be Nutrient Dense

The three macronutrients your survival food should include are: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Carbohydrates and calories are most important as an energy source.

8:10 – Survival Kit Bug Out Food Secret

The real trick to packing emergency food in your survival kit bugout bag is to keep it very light. Water is heavy, so prepared food is heavier than dehydrated survival food.
You don’t necessarily have to buy dehydrated camp foods, either, although those are good. Anything that is dehydrated, that gives you an option to choose when to rehydrate it, is a better choice than a hydrated food for survival.

The best emergency food for your survival kit bugout bag in our video is Top Ramen noodles because it fits all the criterea and is the lightest of all emergency food for your survival kit bugout bag.