October 22, 2021

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Mongolian Food – AMAZING Survival Food in Mongolia + MILKING COWS!! NOMADIC Mongolian Cuisine

Mongolian BBQ “Boodog” : https://youtu.be/HFFByXVDKf0

Breakfast in Mongolia – Milking Cows + Riding Wild Mongolian Horses

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Welcome to the 2nd episode of our Mongolian Food series. Today, we are bringing you to a nomadic dairy “farm” to learn about how herder families survive in the summer on dairy products (meat is eaten more in winter). For many generations Mongolians have made dairy into traditional dishes, cheeses, drinks and more! We will be meeting a nomadic family in northern Mongolia and they will show us how their dairy can be made into a delicious Mongolian BREAKFAST.

Later, we will be trying horseback riding for the first time with semi-wild Mongolian horses!!! And then the family will show us how they milk their cows! All while taking in the INCREDIBLE views of the mountains and Mongolian steppe.

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